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Local businesses speak out after poker raid

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CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WRCB) -- "I guess you really don't want to think about it, that you know anybody that's part of something like that," says Tessa Black.  

Black is the practice manager at the Cardiovascular Care Center. The building sits right across the parking lot from the medical office where police raided a gambling ring Thursday night.

"Just the past couple months we've noticed, a few days a week, that several cars have been in the parking lot," says Black. "More than the average that you would see."

Given the time of day in a medical complex, something seemed off. "It had to have been between at least 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m.," Black says.

"I did think it was odd, the amount of cars that were there and just all of a sudden the meeting is taking place, but I didn't ever question it because this complex, in general, is very nice and there is a lot of good practices and good people here," says Black.  "I just never guessed that something like that would be taking place."

However, the odd happenings began to add up. She recalls a couple weeks ago when one of her employees was startled after finding a new vehicle in the parking lot.

"Real early in the morning she noticed a police car, a sheriff's car in the back corner," explains Black.  
However she never guessed a high stakes poker game was going on.

"I think we're very unfortunate to have experienced that in this complex but I think it'll go on. It's a good area, its a safe area," Black says.

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