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3 ON YOUR SIDE: Paving Scam in Athens

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ATHENS, TN (WRCB) -- A string of scams has hit Athens. Bad guys posing as city workers are offering residents a free paved driveway, and then demanding large amounts of cash for their work.
These scammers are targeting the elderly. Police say they've already swindled more than $10,000. They hope someone reading this can help them crack the case.

Almost a dozen elderly residents have come forward. Their stories are all the same. Workers show up claiming they have extra tar and need to get it off the truck, so they offer to pave the driveway for free.

Red flag number one, says Kelly Hammonds, "Aint nothing free, nothing free. What kind of scam are you running? Call the cops, run them off."

After the scammers paved the driveway for free the owner shows up demanding money. In at least two documented cases elderly couples have forked over a combined $13,000.

In one case Sharon Martin received the paved driveway, and refused to pay after they demanded money. Her daughter in-law spoke to us today.

"They met their match with my mother-in-law. I'm very proud of her for how she handled it. She's not one to mess with," said Sharon Martin.

The Athens Police Department says the scammers are still on the loose, they've posed as pavers from Ooltewah, Athens, and Chattanooga.

"It's so sad out here in this world where people want to take advantage of everybody," Hammonds said. "You get a dollar in your pocket, and somebody wants to take two.

Athens PD says if a crew shows up at your home, call them to come check it out. They would rather spend the time making sure they're legit instead of trying to find them after the scam. Detective Scott Webb says you can call his office number directly with any information: (423) 744-2739.

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