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HATCH: Art, Technology festival for the Scenic City

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(WRCB)– To call the HATCH festival a massive undertaking would still be considered an understatement.

Organizers from Chattanooga's art, business, and civic communities came together with a goal of creating an event to celebrate creativity of the Scenic City – History,Arts, Technology, Culture and Happenings.

The result is a 10 day showcase with more than 170 events at venues spread throughout the city in its first year.

It's safe to say if you can't find something to do during the HATCH festival, you may not have a pulse.

HATCHwill feature several theatrical performances, over 100 art exhibitions, dozens of musical acts, and some of the most innovative exhibits in the country.

"We are expecting a huge draw of attendees from across the Southeast and think the economic impact of these combined events will be significant," Daniel Stetson, Executive Director at the Hunter Museum ofAmerican Art said. "Our goal is to have HATCH reach the level of Charleston's Spoleto Festival."

Chattanooga'sMakeWork has organized 10x10, an series of 100 art pieces and events, as a part of HATCH. In addition to your typical gallery showings, 10x10 will install ten massive "artifacts", or large-scale art installations, to coincide with the themes of the various days of the event – Embark, Dream, Explore, Indulge andCelebrate.

By far, one of the most talked about pieces of HATCH is expected to be the ‘SiteUnseen' augmented reality exhibit throughout Downtown Chattanooga. Creative tech firm SecondSite has turned Chattanooga into the largest collection of augmented reality sites in the world, with over 100 pieces across the city.

Augmented reality is 3D renderings, video or other elements a person views by using a special app on their smartphone or tablet device. By looking through their devices camera at certain sculptures, paintings, landmarks or posters, the viewer will be able to see the otherwise invisible artwork.

Best of all, HATCH will feature events everyone in the family will be able to enjoy,from special events at the Creative Discovery Museum and Tennessee Aquarium for kids, to opera and gallery receptions for the adults, many of which are free.

HATCHruns from Thursday April 12th through Sunday April 22nd.

We've compiled a list of all the events happening during HATCH in a handy guide for you here. Be sure to check m.wrcbtv.com on your mobile device during the event for the latest schedules.

Thursday, April 12th

Friday, April 13th

Saturday, April 14th

Sunday, April 15th

Monday, April 16th

Tuesday, April 17th

Wednesday, April 18th

Thursday, April 19th

Friday, April 20th

Saturday, April 21st

Sunday, April 22nd

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