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Volunteers speak out after toddler found unharmed

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MURPHY, NC. (WRCB) -- Austin Frey, 2, and his family were visiting from out of town and staying at his grandparents' mountain home. However, around 6 p.m. Thursday he followed his dog into the woods and vanished.

Search dogs were brought in, around midnight volunteers were allowed to look for him but they feared the worst since the weather was not cooperating. However, one volunteer says they got a little help from above.

"They were talking about storms, the high winds, the thunder and that whole little location there, nothing the entire time," says volunteer Nick Guthrie.  

Guthrie and his sister were among the first volunteers to search for Austin. "The terrain, it was unbelievable," Guthrie says.  

They were soon joined by nearly 200 volunteers from Tenn., Georgia and North and South Carolina. However, the first night came and went, the dog had been found but little Austin was still somewhere in the wilderness alone.

Guthrie's sister rejoined the search the next morning. Her group found exactly what they were hoping for. "She was about two people up from him and from what they were saying is that they heard him crying and they found him there," says Guthrie.  

Austin had traveled nearly a mile down the mountain and was found just a couple hundred yards from where his dog was found the night before. "She said that he looked, they didn't see any scratches on him. I mean he looked fine," Guthrie says.  

For Austin, a visit to the mountains of North Carolina turned out to be possibly an adventure of a lifetime. "They're really blessed that it came out like that. I'm so happy for them that it resulted like it did," Guthrie says.

Austin was taken to Erlanger in Chattanooga and was treated for dehydration.  

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