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Murder victim's family holds prayer vigil

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – It's been a year since a Chattanooga man was gunned down outside a local market in the Harriet Tubman community.

Cordarrius Armour was shot at close range in the chest, as he walked out of the Okie Dokie Market on Roanoke Avenue.

He died two weeks shy of his 23rd birthday.

Tyrone Carmichael was arrested for his murder.

Thursday night, Armour's family remembers his life and prays for justice.

 "He's still in our hearts," cousin, Yashica Moore says. "He's still in our prayers."

One year after Cordarrius Armour was gunned down outside the Okie Dokie Market, his family returns to the scene.

"He said, ‘momma, I'm getting a pack of cigarettes. I'll be home in a minute', but he never showed up," says Cordarrius' mother, Tyra Moore.

The 22-year-old Chattanooga Choo-Choo employee was shot in the chest and died minutes later.

"He was a sweet kid," says Yashica. "More than anything, I miss his smile."

Police say Tyrone Carmichael, spotted on surveillance video, pulled the trigger.

His case goes to trial next week.

"I pray for him," Tyra says. "I pray for him, that he will ask God for forgiveness."

"We're hoping to keep the young man off the streets," Yashica says. "If he can murder my cousin, shoot him down in cold blood then he could kill someone else."

Police never identified a motive in the case, but Cordarrius did have a lengthy arrest record and may have had some enemies.

His family remembers him as a working man; a wiz in the kitchen, and a loyal family member.

They hope closure will come, with a dose of justice.

"Closure, is knowing that young man won't be on the street and he can't harm anybody else," Yashica says.

"Violence is going on every day," Yashica says. "We are constantly hearing about somebody being shot down in the streets, but we want people to know we have not forgotten about Cordarrius."

The case against Tyrone Carmichael goes to trial on Monday. It was passed several times because a witness claimed to be threatened by gang members.

Carmichael remains in jail on a $1-million bond.

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