DALTON, GA. (WRCB) -- Dalton is considered to be the gateway to the Civil War in Georgia. A Civil War marker was dedicated in Dalton by Georgia icon Vince Dooley, former University of Georgia football coach.

Any Georgia fan knows Vince Dooley has won six SEC Championships, and one National Championship. But did you know Vince is a history buff?

He graduated from Auburn with a Master's Degree in history, and he used Wednesday's dedication to show off his Civil War knowledge.

"Lincoln needs a big win to keep his job. Just as coaches need big wins to keep their jobs," says Dooley.

Vince Dooley put his history degree to use Wednesday, as Dalton unveiled a Civil War marker in Crow Valley. That's the site where the Union forces tested the Confederate defenses in the spring of 1864 and considered the first chapter in what led to the campaign for Atlanta.

"To actually walk in the footsteps, see the terrain, you've got a good perspective of what actually happened, instead of just reading it," says Dooley.

The marker at Poplar Springs Baptist Church in Dalton will be one of dozens that lead from Chattanooga to Atlanta. Each marker will represent a step toward the Union forcing the Confederates out of Atlanta.

Pastor Ray Cochran says he's found a new love for history after taking over Poplar Springs Baptist Church. 

"I like the old adage that's quoted, 'if you don't know the history, you'll repeat it', not just for society but in your lives as well," he says.

Dooley, who spent some time joking about the similarities between coaching and military tactics, knows just how serious the Civil War was. He visits as many sites a year as he can, and makes it a point to understand how it has shaped America today.

"Having gone through the Civil War, we are much stronger because the war did define what we are today. That's the lesson from it. Sometimes you have to go through difficult times and adversity that really bring people together," says Dooley.