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Pitbull that attacked girl being taken to Texas

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BRADLEY COUNTY, CLEVELAND, TN. (WRCB)  --  It's been less than a week after "Mack" the Pitbull attacked a 6-year-old girl.

His owner, Charles Lawson says, "He's got to go."

Lawson says he made the decision the day the little girl, Callie, was attacked. If he couldn't find a place, Mack would be put down.

"Nobody hates that worse than I do. I wouldn't want him to bite a grown up let alone a little kid," says Lawson.  

"It could've been my granddaughter, or Charlie's granddaughter, that got attacked," says neighbor, Donna Almazan.

Almazan started looking for a new home for Mack after the incident. She found a sanctuary in Texas called "Dog Town."

"They take in dogs that have been abandoned or left to die and neglected. They have no homes," she says.  

The group works to rehabilitate dogs and if possible, find them new homes.

"If they're not able to be rehabilitated, they do keep them there to live out their lives at the sanctuary," Almazan says.

However, she says Mack may not be the only one who needs rehabilitation.

She hopes one day Callie will be comfortable around dogs again.

"She's always loved dogs and I don't want her to be separated from any dog," says Almazan.  

She's even offered to help with therapy and doctor visits.

"Any of the medical bills that Callie's parents or grandparents incur over this incident, me and Charlie would like to help pay for those," she says.

Add that to the $500 plane ticket to Texas for Mack. He'll soon be gone, but everyone agrees it's for the best.

"I want to help Callie any way that I can," Almazan says.

Almazan says Mack will be on a cargo plane to Texas by April 16.


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