HAMILTON COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) -- James Forester shows Channel 3 where the March 2nd tornado ripped several trees and tossed them into nearby fields.

He and others in the Harrison community say the EF-3 tornado that hit them only took seconds to destroy. That's why he says the new warning system can't hurt.

Forester says, "I heard a thump and noise against the house and then it was all over."

Forester lost parts of his roof, several windows, and more. 

The National Weather Service started testing new warnings in Missouri and Kansas on Monday. If it works, you could hear them in our area soon.

Words like "Catastrophic," "Mass Devastation" and even "Unsurvivable" could flash on your screen, taking the current warning system to a new level.

George Mathews with the National Weather Service says, "It'll motivate people to seek shelter when there is obviously a dangerous and destructive tornado occurring."

Channel 3's Storm Alert Team is on the air non-stop when severe weather approaches and if you lose power, we're on social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, with real-time warnings.

Channel 3 Chief Meteorologist Paul Barys says, "If you tell someone they are going to die if they don't listen to you, they will listen a bit harder. They will only use this in extreme cases."

The new system is being tested and there is no word yet on when Tennessee will adopt it.