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Teen severely burned by hot oil in kitchen fire

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SODDY-DAISY, TN (WRCB)-- A Hamilton County teen is covered in severe burns after a grease fire exploded on her while cooking.

15-year-old Morgan Orrick was flown to the Shriner's Burn Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, Sunday morning. Her initial evaluation there reports second and third degree burns from her face, down to her legs.

The fire happened Saturday night around 9:30 p.m. in her Soddy-Daisy home. Her family says she's doing much better.

"We were panicking and crying and we were just trying to get to her to make sure she was ok," Orrick's uncle, Greg Brice said.

Morgan's uncle Greg Brice raced to the hospital with her parents, where she explained she was home with a friend in the Hunter Trace Subdivision. They were cooking chicken and grease fire broke out. In a panic, she put the pot in the sink and poured water on it. That's when it exploded on her.

"all she could see was flames and the next thing she knew she was waking up in the floor and she crawled out and went to the next door neighbor's house," Brice said.

She was flown to the Shriner's Burn Center in Cincinnati Sunday morning. Her dad, Daniel Orrick, talked to Channel 3 on the way to be with his little girl.

"You just can't describe. You're talking about my daughter," Daniel Brent Orrick said.

He says her initial evaluation showed second and third degree burns to 22-percent of her body, but now doctors say it's only covering four-percent.

"She had shorts on and a tank top and it splashed all over her legs, on her thighs, on her belly, chest, arms and face," Orrick said.

He says her legs and thighs got the worst of it.

"Strong little girl," Orrick said.

Her uncle Greg is packing up to drive to see her too. He says Morgan is in good spirits, but still a little scared.

"She was talking abut every time she closes her eyes now that's all she sees is the big flame," Brice said.

Her family and emergency services hope this horrible accident can be a warning to others that water and grease fires don't mix.

"That's an absolute no-no to use because it will create an explosion," Hamilton Co. Emergency Services Spokesperson Amy Maxwell said.

The Dallas Bay Fire Department says it's the third grease fire it's responded to this week. They say the best thing to extinguish it is by throwing baking soda on it, or smothering it with a lid.

Morgan's friend who was there is said to be OK. She's the one who ran to a neighbor's to call 911. Morgan's dad says if she heals as expected, she won't need surgery and could come home in 10 days.



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