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UPDATED: Carjacking, purse-snatching, chase ends with crash in Cleveland

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20-year-old Anston Baker 20-year-old Anston Baker
19-year-old Demarqus Dillard 19-year-old Demarqus Dillard

BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB)- A carjacking in Chattanooga and a purse snatching in Bradley County lands two people behind bars. It all ended with a chase and a crash at a Cleveland business Saturday afternoon.

Two men allegedly stole a car in Chattanooga. They made their way to Cleveland where they stole a purse out of a woman's car while she was sitting at a red light.

Police chased the men down, when they crashed the stolen car into the side of a Cleveland pub.

"Oh Lord, we just jumped out and runned to check on Jimbo. We didn't know what had happened or anything," says a woman who witnessed the car chase.

'Jimbo' owns the pub in Cleveland at the corner of Oak and First, now with a gapping hole in the side of the wall.

"Him and his wife were getting ready to go out to eat. And she was on her way here. And he said it sounded like a bomb went off," says Jimbo's friend.

Police say the two men stole a Honda C-RV in Chattanooga Saturday afternoon.

"That's what the state trooper said. That they high jacked the vehicle."

Their crime spree did not end there.

"Apparently they were armed and dangerous," says Laura Simpson.

After driving to Cleveland, they quickly snatched Laura Simpson's purse out of the back seat of her car, while she was sitting at a red light.

"My door, I guess was unlocked in the back and as soon as the light was about to change, the kid in the back jumped out, opened my door, like threw himself into my car grabbed my purse, and jumped back out," says Simpson.

She immediately called police.

"I got their tag number. So I called 911 and the police came and met me. And they took off because they were trying to catch them," says Simpson.

Which they did, after crashing the stolen car.

"And they jumped out and they run through the woods back here. And Bradley County, our finest, they caught 'em over here."

A relief for those caught up in the whole ordeal.

"I just don't what goes through someone's mind to wake up in the morning, you know, to steal a car. I feel really bad for whoever's car it was because it's really damaged. You know, thankfully, I got most of my stuff back," says Simpson.

"Mess around with Bradley County, they'll getcha!" says Jimbo's friend.

No one was hurt in the building.

The pub had to be condemned because of the damage.

UPDATE: Both Anston Baker, 20, and Demarqus Dillard, 19, were arrested and charged with Robbery and Felony Evading. Cleveland Police confirms the C-RV was stolen out of Chattanooga.

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