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SURVEY: Viewers split of future of Strut

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(WRCB) – Much like the rest of the city, users are split on whether to keep the Bessie Smith Strut on ML King Boulevard or cancel the event all together.

On Thursday, Chattanooga city officials confirmed to Channel 3 that the 2012 Strut would be moved to Riverbend Festival grounds along the Riverfront. The city cited security and logistics as the main reasons for the move.

In a non-scientific survey conducted on, 32.3% of users say the Bessie Smith Strut should remain on MLK, while 47.3% say the event should just be canceled.

On our Facebook page, viewers have been very vocal about the city's decision.

"If it's moved away from MLK then it shouldn't be held at all. It wouldn't be the same," said Jenny L. of Chattanooga. "The Strut has always been my favorite night of the Riverbend and I've never experienced anything negative. I think it's a shame that the City is ruining it.

"If it is moved it should not be called the Bessie Smith Strut. No matter where it is held, if something is going to happen, it will happen regardless. When I attended the Riverbend last year on "the Riverfront" [there were] still fights going on and it wasn't gang related," adds Mi-mi D. of Chattanooga.

Many viewers agree with the city's position that security at the Strut is a concern.

"It does not matter where it is. It matters what kind of crowd gathers. Every year at least one person is shot. How many people get shot during Country Night at Riverbend?" says Clayton P. of Rossville.

"I think they shouldn't have it at all. I don't blame the mayor a bit for moving it. There's been incidents of violence during it in the past, and with as bad as the violence in Chattanooga has gotten in the last couple of years, I think it's a recipe for disaster all the way around," adds Jamie R. of Athens.

A small group of viewers, 19.5%, seem to like the idea of moving the event to the Riverfront though.

"I think it would be better at the Riverfront," says Teresa B. of Chattanooga.

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