TRENTON, DADE CO., GA (WRCB) - Residents and business owners in Dade County, Georgia, continue to rebuild after being struck by 3 tornadoes since April 27th.

The memory of the tornadoes will be forever etched in Charles Page's memory.

His home on Glenview Drive in Trenton was damaged by a morning tornado while he, his wife, and daughter were inside.

Late in the afternoon another tornado destroyed the home which Page built in the mid-1960's.

Thankfully the family was in the basement at his nephew's house nearby.

Were it not for that and the broadcast warnings, Page says he may not be alive today.

Charles Page, "Whenever Paul Barys said that the mother of all storms was coming we all hit for cover. We heard it coming."

Page and his family have been living in a rental home while they rebuild on their old land.

He says the recovery process was slow at the beginning but hopes to move into the new home in about two months.