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Georgia Senate approves sweeping revision of state sunshine laws

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ATLANTA, GA (WRCB) -- The Georgia Senate has unanimously approved HB 397, the proposed re-write to improve Georgia's Open Records and Open Meetings Laws. The legislation, sponsored by Representative Jay Powell, will return to the House of Representatives for final approval before it heads to the Governor's desk.

Attorney General Sam Olens began working with the bill sponsor and stakeholders on the first significant revision of Georgia's Open Meetings and Open Records Laws in over a decade shortly after taking office in January 2011. He applauded the Senate's passage of the bill today.

"The legislation passed by the Senate today makes great strides towards increasing government transparency in Georgia," said Olens. "It strikes the right balance between ensuring that government is accessible to all Georgians and protecting the confidentiality of sensitive information."

"I thank Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle, President Pro Tempore Tommie Williams, Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, Senate Rules Committee Chairman Don Balfour and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Bill Hamrick for allowing the Senate to consider HB 397," Olens added. "I also appreciate the leadership and hard work of Senator Charlie Bethel in shepherding the bill through the Senate. I look forward to working with Representative Jay Powell on final clearance in the House."

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