CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- A 24-year old actress from Chattanooga is recovering at an undisclosed location after being held by a registered sex offender for four months.

Satara Stratton says, "it's really hard right now," but at least the young woman is safe. She was left at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles late last week.

"first thing I did was call my mom and dad cause I wanted out."

Out, she says, from the clutches of Paul Constantinescu, a convicted sex offender who kept her from her family and friends since November 22nd.

Satara's mom, Sharon Stratton spoke to Channel 3 Eyewitness News two weeks ago, when she was desperate to find her daughter.

"He was able to find her everywhere she went, he has to know something," Sharon told us then.

Turns out, mom was right about what happened to her daughter, an actor who's appeared in a series of independent films as Satara Silver. Satara met Constantinescu on a movie set and ended up hooked on heroine.

"It's heroin," Satara says bluntly. "One or two shots and you're addicted. That's how he kept me."

It took her mom three months to persuade police in Southern California to get involved. Meantime, she drove to L.A. and scoured the streets around Constantinescu's business, which gave her a creepy feeling.

"It looks kind of scary and old. And there could be all kinds a places you could hide somebody in there."

Call it mother's intuition. Satara says that's where she was for most of the time she was missing.

"He carved out a hole in wall and would stuff me in it."

With media attention on her disappearance, detectives tracked down Constantinescu. The pressure was taking a toll. Satara says she convinced him to let her go. After surfacing in the emergency room at Cedars last week, she sat down with an NBC crew before leaving town with her mom, headed to a secret location far away from Constantinescu, where she can recover from her ordeal.

She wanted to tell her story because, "I don't want this to happen to other girls ... otherwise, I would not do this. It is tough. Very tough. But I have family now."

Earlier this week, police found Constantinescu. He's being held without bail in the Los Angeles Metro jail on a probation violation while detectives investigate his role in Satara Stratton's disappearance.

As for Satara, she hopes to eventually return to her acting career, but says she won't be returning to L.A.