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Occupy Chattanooga challenges actions by Hamilton County

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Fire photo, Times Free Press. Fire photo, Times Free Press.

CHATTANOOGA, TN. (Times Free Press) -- Representatives from Occupy Chattanooga, whose tents were removed from the Hamilton County Courthouse lawn on Monday, appeared before county commissioners Wednesday to challenge the actions of Chairman Larry Henry and Sheriff Jim Hammond.

Beth Foster, the group's spokeswoman, said Occupiers had no notice the eviction was coming and were not given an opportunity to comply with county rules.

"We have done everything possible to comply with everything the sheriff asked us to do," Foster said. "What is left of the First Amendment is ground into the patch of grass on the County Courthouse lawn."

The protest group set up camp on the County Courthouse lawn in early November. More than a month later, the commission designated Henry to make decisions on the commission's behalf about enforcement of rules on county property.

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