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Is STEM right for your child?

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(WRCB) - The freshman class of the new STEM high school will have a hands on learning approach to science, technology, engineering and math, but is it right for your child?

Some parents worry the curriculum could be too vigorous. However, Hamilton County School Superintendent Rick Smith says parents should not to be overly concerned.

Smith says the students at the new school may not always be the best and the brightest, but rather creative thinkers who enjoy working with peers and thinking outside the box.

Cassie Smith's 1-year-old daughter, Laina has a long way to go before she's in high school, but Smith says the new STEM initiative is definitely something she'd look into for her daughter.

"I learned better that way so I'm sure she would probably learn the same. It sounds like a really good idea," says Smith.  

"I think anything that we do with our children to educate them and make them know how to do things for themselves is good," says parent David Tessmann.  

Tessmann has a 14-year-old daughter who just started high school. He says he understands why some parents may be concerned about the new learning approach and the curriculum. "Well, parents are always worried about those things. We're always trying to do what is best for our children," Tessmann says.

Smith says the school board has received a number of calls about the new school and already have a couple dozen applications. He encourages any parent who has a child asking about the STEM school to participate in orientation sessions that'll be scheduled by the end of Spring.

Smith says any child in Hamilton County is eligible to attend the new STEM school.


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