(WRCB) – A large majority of WRCBtv.com users say they agree with Hamilton County's decision to remove protestors from the courthouse lawn.

On Tuesday, WRCBtv.com posed the non-scientific survey to users and 81.9% of respondents say they agree with the county's decision.

When we put the question to Facebook users, most stated that the Occupy Chattanooga protesters should leave.

"Yes, I'm all for free speech and the right to ‘protest', but they don't seem to be speaking or protesting, just camping out on property that doesn't belong to them, so that's either A) trespassing or B) vagrancy," said John L. of Chattanooga.

"YES! I was shocked to see the courthouse lawn looking like a homeless village. There are other ways of protesting," adds Pam D. of Hixson.

Not everyone agrees with the decision though, some supports of the Occupy Movement shared their thoughts on the move.

"No, I thought it was a great statement being made, gives me hope in humanity, to see there are those who refuse to sit back and blindly support corporations that are ripping them off, poisoning them, and manipulating them... The politicians also are tied to corporate interests and take money from lobbyists, they have not represented the people, but instead the interests of corporations... I've heard a lot of whining about foodstamps lately... What is wrong with you people... Don't you know about corporate welfare? Sheesh, it was a necessary movement (although the one in Chattanooga was pretty pathetic, it's why they got shut down...)," writes Reagan S. of Chattanooga.


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