CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Kim Dereuter had heard all about Club Fathom, and Pastor Tim Reid, after several young people were shot outside the downtown nightclub early Christmas morning.

But she's been happy since Reid's Mosaic Church began holding its services next door, in the sanctuary of Northside Community Church, six weeks ago.

"It is a different crowd from Northside, but I don't feel uncomfortable at all," Dereuter says. "I think he's reaching out to people who need him the most."

Northside's Pastor, Mitchell Reaves, says that his congregation felt compelled to offer its facilities to Mosaic, after learning that Reid was holding its services under the bridge in Coolidge Park, ever since its landlords evicted it.

"Tim Reid is clearly a believer," Pastor Reaves tells Eyewitness News off-camera. "We've offered Mosaic our building for six months, hoping Mosaic will grow out of it."  

The only caveat, which Reid agreed to in writing, is that he not use Northside to re-create Fathom, its nightclub atmosphere, or its direct outreach to gang members.

"I've been to his services," Pastor Reaves says. "His (Reid's) love for his congregation is genuine."

It's why Reaves and Dereuter aren't taken aback to hear why Chattanooga Police arrested Reid just past midnight, Saint Patrick's Day.

"I don't think that says anything about his character," Dereuter says.

Reid's arrest warrant alleges that he failed to appear in Signal Mountain Municipal Court twice, after being arrested for speeding and inability to show proof of auto insurance in June 2008.

"I find it very odd, because they've run me through the computer so many times, and this all of a sudden comes up," Reid says.

"Not 100 percent sure if officer had personal information," CPD spokesman Nathan Hartwig tells Eyewitness News in a text message. "Most likely they just ran his name to check his warrants. They could have had a million reasons for doing so."

Pastor Reid's arrest came within hours after quoted his speech to the Brainerd Kiwanis, saying that officers often attend Mosaic's Sunday services at Northside, and that they wait outside in squad cars with the sirens blaring.

"They have undercover officers at our worship services," Reid says. "They park their cars by the front door with their lights on our parishioners as they walk in."

"I can tell you for certain, that he (Reid) was misquoted," Pastor Reaves says.

Reid says officers pulled him over for expired tags, on his wife's car.

The arrest report shows several officers took Reid into custody near the Majestic 12 Cinemas downtown.

"It's fairly common to have several officers when you service warrants," Officer Hartwig says. "You never know when a guy might have a weapon, or how he might react."

"All these cop cars, all these sirens," Reid says. "I'm used to this because I'm frequently stopped, and frequently padded down, and my cars being searched."

"It is harassment, but I'm not one who whines about things," Reid adds.

Failure to pay a speeding ticket or to respond to a traffic court summons would not suspend or revoke his driving privileges automatically, according to Dalya Qualls, spokeswoman for the Tennessee Department of Safety.

"If the court notifies the department, then we would send the individual a notice giving them 30 days to satisfy the court," Qualls says via email. "If the individual satisfies the citation, there will be no action by the Department.  If not satisfied, then we would suspend."

The arrest report makes no mention of whether Reid offered any resistance.

He was released on his own recognizance, no bond, just five hours after he was booked.

Reid says he'll suck it up and he'll pay his fines, just part of the cost, he says, of his urban mission.

He's due back in court April 10. It's unclear what penalties he might face.