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POLL RESULTS: Fans won't back Manning in Denver

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(WRCB) – It would appear the loyalty of Chattanoogans will only go so far when it comes to sports and Peyton Manning may be on the wrong end this time.

In a non-scientific poll conducted on WRCBtv.com Monday, a vast majority of users say they won't become fans the Broncos now that they have signed Peyton Manning.

A whopping 76.5% of users responded to the poll saying, Manning's move to the Mile High City would not make them fans.

On Facebook, the conversation got heated, with 175 comments left on the topic.

"I was a Gator fan and rooted for the Broncos because Tebow was their man. No I will NOT become a Broncos fan because of Manning. IMHO I think he should've retired after an injury/surgery as serious as he had. Give the younger guys a shot. He's made his millions already," says Lisa M. of Rossville.

"I have been a Bronco fan for years. When I was young I grew up in Colorado so that is the reason. But, I am very disappointed in the Broncos. They told Tebow that he has a place with the Broncos next season and now they go after Manning. I do not think the Broncos are being very fair. I know they want to win games but I feel the ethical thing to do is to pass on Manning and give Tebow a chance," adds Cathy P. of Cleveland.

Not everyone in the Scenic City has turned their back on the four-time NFL MVP.

"I am a Manning fan wherever he plays. I am also a Tebow fan and will watch him wherever he goes. MAINLY I am a Manning fan though. He is [what] made me a Colts fan. No longer a Colts fan though," says Patty, from Chattanooga, supporting Manning.

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