(WRCB) - It's been five months since Lacey Liberty found her brother Zachary Higdon dead.

"He's not here anymore," Liberty told Channel 3, fighting tears. "And I would do anything, I would give anything to know at least who did this, so me and my family could rest."

Liberty discovered her big brother face down on the floor of his mother's mobile home off Airport Road last October.

Their mother talked to Zachary just 13 hours earlier, but when Liberty found him it appeared he'd been dead for awhile.

"Either he had been there for at least a day or so, or they had done something to his body," she said. "I believe they did something to his body because there was bleach on him."

Liberty believes the killer used bleach to destroy evidence. She also suspects there was more than one person involved.

"I believe the killer did that to hide DNA," she said. "Maybe Zach got a hold of one of them, got some skin, hair, blood, anything under his nails?"

A broken board and Zachary's hair found on the front porch, indicate a struggle.

"This was very premeditated," said Liberty. "This wasn't just someone knocks on the door, and things went wrong."

Nearly $5,000 in electronics were taken.

Liberty is hoping the stolen property will turn up, and point to the killer.

She can't understand who would want to harm her brother, a person she describes as a hippie with a love for music, and people.

"We plan on rewarding the person that wants to step forward," she said. "I just hope and pray that one day, by the grace of God, that they are behind bars."

Homicide detectives are waiting on DNA test results that could point to a suspect.

No one saw a car, or anyone leaving the home. Neighbors reported hearing three or four gunshots.

If you have information that could help catch Zachary Higdon's killer call Crime Stoppers at 423-698-3333. Your call is confidential.