CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Police are giving more details on what happened Saturday night in the Bennett Avenue shooting.

Chattanooga Police say the 13-year-old girl was just an innocent bystander, a victim of a drive-by shooting.

Family friends say all they can do is pray for Keoshia Ford as she clings to life.

"You go out and do these kind of violent things and a child ends up injured. I mean it's just disgusting," says Police Chief Bobby Dodd. 

The Chief has been in this situation before, speaking out about gang violence and its grip on the city's children.

Investigators go door to door on Bennett Avenue asking more questions about the shooting that sent 13-year-old Keoshia Ford to the hospital.

A person of interest is in custody and police have other leads. All involved are believed to be juvenile gang members.

"At one point the suspects in the car fired into the crowd that was in the yard. And then people in the crowd in the yard returned fire," says Dodd.

"Next thing you know you heard 'pop pop pop!' All we seen was this baby just fall on the ground."

A witness and family friend talked with Channel 3 the day of the shooting and does not want to be identified.

Both she and police say violence at a block party on nearby 12th Street escalated.

As Keoshia sat on the hood of the car she was hit in the back of the head.

"Never been in any kind of trouble at all. Came from a good household. Now only thing we can do is pray for this baby. Because she's in a coma. It's sad. It's just sad," she says.

A student at East Lake Academy school officials there say the situation is too hard to talk about on camera.

Counselors are talking with Keoshia's classmates to comfort them.

In the meantime, police are working quickly to solve the case.

"I will tell you that we've been on a 'full court press' ever since this took place. We're working around the clock. And we won't stop until we get some resolution to it," says Dodd.

"We still don't event know who they are. It's like you're living in fear of what's going to happen next," says the family friend.

Police also wanted to clear the air on a few things in the news conference.

Witnesses told Channel 3 there was a long response time before the young girl got help and that police told witnesses not to speak to the media.

Police tell us the call came in at 10:00 pm and the first officer arrived on the scene at 10:03 pm.

They also say they want to be as forthcoming as possible with the media, to help solve the case. 

Ford remains in critical condition in a coma at Erlanger.

If you have any information in this shooting you are asked to call police at 423-698-3333.