CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- With gas prices soaring and temperatures climbing many Chattanoogans are opting for a different type of transportation, bicycles, and its just in time for a new program, Bike Share.

"The fact that the gas prices will be going up at the time this is getting launched will, I guess, encourage more people utilize the Bike Share Program," Executive Director of Outdoor Chattanooga Philip Grymes says.

Meant for quick and easy access, the Bike Share Program allows cyclists to take a bike from one kiosk and return it at any of the 30 kiosk locations that'll be going up around the Scenic City.

"The area that they're going to be in is really between the North Shore and Main St, as far as north and south. East and west will be really the inside of U.S. 27 and going as far west as the UTC campus," Grymes says.  

Members can sign up for $75 a year or for $6 you can have access to a bike for a full 24 hours. "I think its a great idea. They need more people who can have that opportunity to be able to ride around instead of just walking and I really think families will enjoy it when they come to visit," says Sierra Williams.

The new program its not costing residents a dime. A $2 million dollar grant is paying for all of it, including the solar powered kiosks.

"This is certainly going to change the culture of the downtown working community," Grymes says.

Equipment for the new kiosks and bikes will begin arriving in Chattanooga next week. Grymes says the new program is scheduled to launch at the end of April. Anyone who signs up for a year membership before the launch will only have to pay $60 instead of $75.