(WRCB) - The U.S. is finishing up the 4th warmest winter in recorded history thanks to a strong La Nina pattern that kept the Jetstream well to the north all season long. 

Why that matters? 

Think of the Jetstream as a dividing line or buffer between warm air to the south and cold air to the north.  When that jet stream dips southward, it allows colder air to sink further south. 

La Nina tends to keep the Jetstream further north, meaning we will see warm, gulf air coming into our area pretty much all winter long.

It looks like we are shaping up for a warm start to the spring season as well.

We had a record high in Chattanooga yesterday, reaching 83 degrees (the old record was 81).  We will come close to it today through the weekend, as we continue to see temperatures soaring into the low 80s. 

We will see scattered showers, and maybe one or two non-severe storms developing this afternoon, lasting through Friday, and possibly into Saturday morning.  Saturday afternoon we will begin to clear out, and should have warm, nice weather for most of the weekend.

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