LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, Ga. (WRCB-TV) - It has been a rough year for Sharon Sylvester. She lost her North Georgia home in the April 27th tornadoes. Now this. February 28th, after an 11 hour workday, she got back to the Vulcan Road residence in which she has been living to find a bracelet in the middle of the floor. She would soon learn she had been robbed of all her jewelry.

"A person or persons kicked in the back door of the house, located in kind of a rural area there on the mountain," explained Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson, "and took what we believe to be about $30-$50,000 worth of jewelry."

"It's almost like someone dying," Sylvester said. "I mean, you feel violated. You feel sad. And you know that they didn't have remorse for what they've taken."

For her, it is about so much more than the monetary value. "This is a lot of years of a life." said Sylvester. "My grandmother's ring, it wasn't very big as far as, you know, the size of the diamond or the value of it, but she's gone and that was one of the pieces that I had left from her."

There is one more clue to help you help us solve this crime. "What we do want to point out is the description of a car that a neighbor did see on that particular afternoon around 2:00 or 2:30," said the sheriff, "was a white sedan with a Catoosa County, Georgia plate."

And that same white sedan was seen around a Dade County burglary just a few miles away, the week prior. 

Return a sense of peace to these Lookout Mountain communities and give Sharon Sylvester a chance to face these thugs in court. "I think that they don't have anything better to do with their time," she said, "so maybe behind bars would be a good place to learn some lessons."

If you can match the white sedan and Catoosa County license tag with someone who may have recently come into an awful lot of jewelry, we would love to hear form you. Call Crime Stoppers: 423-698-3333. You do not have to leave your name, but you could get yourself a cash reward of up to a thousand dollars, no questions asked.