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UPDATE: Toddler drowns in Bradley County

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BRADLEY COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) – Family members of Nicholas Jones exchange hugs outside his home Wednesday.

Channel 3 keeps a distance during this tough time.

What we do know from officers is that the 22-month-old drowned Tuesday after going into the 3-foot section of a neighbor's pool.

The boy slipped away while staying with his grandparents.

Bradley County EMT Joe Thomason treated him and says any call involving children is one of the worst.

"It is always more difficult when dealing with younger children and preparing, because you start thinking of your own children," he says.

Paramedics were there for less than 10 minutes, working to get air to the toddler before taking him to Skyridge Medical Center.

The Bradley County Sheriff's Office is still trying to figure out how he unlocked the pool gate.

Thomason says you can't do too much to keep a swimming pool safe.

"Put in an alarm," he says. "They make alarms that go on the water that will let you know if something is their like, a dog or cat."

Thomason says the child's clothes could be a reason the boy had little chance.

"When a small child goes in, the clothing they wear sometimes weighs more than what they are able to hold themselves up," he says.

After the child left, deputies stayed for hours.

A Chaplin helped console both family and officers at the scene.

Sheriff's Spokesman Bob Gault says, "It makes you think and it hits home that these are precious children and it looks like just a tragic accident."

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