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REPORT: 1 in 4 students involved in school violence

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HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- The Hamilton County Health Department tells Channel 3, one in four students in the Hamilton County School System has faced violence at school.

They released the findings with a student panel Tuesday.

A sample of 3500 students shows 32%, roughly 1,100 students, were involved in fights last year.

The study also shows girls were more likely to be involved than boys.

Marissa Sharpe, a senior at Central High School says, "I would love to go to each of them and say, 'hey, come talk to me.' They need to know they have someone and they are not alone."

The study also shows roughly 900 students carried a weapon to school last year.

Guns were 8% of those weapons, which beats the national average of 6%.

CSAS sophomore, Lucas Hicks, works with a group that focuses on prevention.

"We are normally able to stop things before they have to turn violent," says Hicks. "The numbers are surprising."

The school system says online bullying has been the hardest issue to tackle as a majority of students fall victim to this form.

The STARS program has launched an aggressive Internet campaign in Hamilton County to fight back.

Students say speaking out is the best method.

"If you are getting bullied you don't have to be all alone by yourself," says Sharpe. "Our principal has addressed that issue with an open door policy. You can remain anonymous if you like."

For more information on the STARS program, visit its web site by clicking here.

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