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Hixson residents fear impact of proposed "Chattanooga Village"

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HIXSON, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) -- Part of the Hixson community is speaking out on a proposed development project off Highway 153.

Monday night, a public meeting was held with the developer.

More than 200 people packed into the Hixson Civic Center. Hand after hand went up as people voiced concerns over the proposed "Chattanooga Village."

Phillip Flanagan is one of those residents that spoke out. He, along with others aren't fully buying the need for a 180-acre mixed-use development in Hixson, many signing a petition against it.

Scenic Land Company wants to build apartments, an office complex, along with retail space.

"Property value, that's a big topic, the traffic," Flanagan says.

He and his wife live in the Stoneridge neighborhood, where a proposed secondary entrance and traffic light for the complex would be put in.

Mary Knight lives there too.

"That'll be the first thing to go down, are the property values," says Knight.

"I'm afraid is what's going to happen is that this big development is going to suck the life out of Northgate, out of parts of Highway 153," says Pamela Phillips.

"This property we expect to generate a lot of tax revenue," says Dwayne Horton, with Scenic Land Company.

Since a previous public meeting, they've been making adjustments to the plans to address other concerns like, run-off and erosion, and putting in bio retention ponds.

"This is beyond what the regulations require," Horton says. "This is something that we're able to offer, that we want to offer."

"I have to give the developer credit, they did make some changes to the plans that we've all previously seen," Greg Vickery says. "However, those are surface level changes."

"He was very vague about everything," Mary Knight says. "There was no definite anything."

"They're determined to build it," Nellie Flanagan says. "It doesn't really seem to matter how we feel about it."

There are several hurtles for this development to get past before it's built.

Right now, the regional planning agency for the city and county is gathering feedback from the public and reviewing the plans.

It'll present its findings to the planning commission April 4, and if approved, the plans would go before city council in May.

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