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3 On Your Side: Tenant fears backlash of storm-damaged tree

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BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Michael Goodwin continues to fight an uphill battle with property owners while his home is in danger.

A large tree was cracked down the middle by the tornadoes from more than a week ago and the April 27th outbreak.

With rain in the forecast, Goodwin is uneasy about the possibility of what could happen.

"We don't know how bad it is going to get or how much wind is coming with it," Goodwin says. "It won't take much to blow this thing down."

Strong winds lead to one problem, downed power lines.

More than 7,200 watts of electricity sit above Goodwin's home and if the line breaks, the slightest touch could prove fatal.

"I'm scared to walk under these power lines because if this thing snaps loose, I won't have time to run," says Goodwin.

Goodwin took his concerns to the landlord for months, but saw no results.

3 On Your Side took his concerns to Volunteer Energy Cooperative, where manager John Selvidge says his crews are still helping people remove trees from April.

The most recent tornado outbreak only made matters worse.

Selvidge says his guys are working non-stop to help victims like Goodwin.

It only took 20 minutes for a survey crew and a bucket truck to get to work on the tree.

Goodwin says he was only concerned for the community. 

"They are very dangerous," Goodwin says. "And if they fall, I'm taking the chance of some child or maybe even myself getting hurt badly."

If you have concerns or issues with trees or power lines, call Volunteer Energy Cooperative at 423-476-6571.

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