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First tank arrives at Wacker Polysilicon construction site

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CHARLESTON, TN. (WRCB) – The first tank for Wacker Polysilicon North America arrived this week; it is the smallest tank of many more to come for the plant currently under construction in the Tennessee Valley.  These tanks are essential to Wacker's polysilicon production process.
The tank was delivered to Wacker's Charleston site via truck, but future tanks will be much larger and arrive via barge.  This first tank weighed approximately 10 tons and measured over 10 feet in diameter; it is capable of holding over 10,000 gallons at one time.  

"For our hyperpure polysilicon production process, attention to every small detail is of utmost importance," said Dr. Konrad Bachhuber, vice president and site manager for Wacker Polysilicon North America.  "Wacker is committed to protection of the environment, our employees and community, and takes extraordinary precautionary steps in the design and engineering of such vessels to ensure long-term quality and integrity of the construction.  The tanks have specialized coatings that support our production and are part of this important protection process, too."

"Without this first tank, we would be unable to install the others—it is like a row of dominos and each will connect," explained Ulrich Dankerl, project manager and lead logistics/engineering for the project.  "This first tank's installation is very important; soon there will be a steel erection above it, and following that construction there would be no chance to place this tank…so this first tank was absolutely necessary in order to proceed."

One week of preparation was required before the tank could be placed in its permanent location on site.  As the tanks will sit partly underground, several layers of protective barriers were laid.  This tank will serve as a buffer for silane.

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