CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Satara Stratton grew up in Chattanooga, attending O.L.P.H. school. Six years ago, at age 18, she moved to Hollywood to pursue a film career.

However, her friends and family haven't heard from her since November and two police agencies in southern California are now searching with growing concern because she was last seen with a sexual predator.

Paul Constantinescu, a convicted sex offender, was spotted with Satara on November 22nd.

Los Angeles Detective Carmine Sasso: "We just need to talk to him to get further answers about what's going on."

Satara's mother, Sharon Stratton, says her daughter met Constantinescu on a movie set and that he immediately began stalking her.

"These men who are sexual offenders often have a ring of girls in her age group, that's why Hollywood has so many missing 20 to 26 year old females."

Sharon says Constantinescu got Satara hooked on heroin. Her call to police ended in disappointment.

"Culver City police told me that pushing drugs on someone is not illegal. Selling them is, pushing them is not."

Satara disappeared with Constantinescu last year. Sharon stayed glued to her computer, monitoring her cell phone company's family locator site. It was four days before her cell phone pinged. She called a cab company and a driver went to pick up her daughter.

Sharon got Satara into rehab, but she left with Constantinescu, who owns a business on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Sharon told us, "It looks kind of scary and old. And there could be all kinds of places you could hide somebody in there."

Los Angeles police went to the business last week. Constantinescu wasn't there, but Sharon says they told her "they did find some evidence that they can't share with me."

A Facebook friend says she saw Satara a few weeks ago. Another friend offered money for more information but Sharon says "he mentioned the Paul guy's name and she stopped talking to us completely."

An employee at Constantinescu's store says he last saw Satara there a month ago. Since then, there's been no trace of the 24 year old petite blonde.

Detective Sasso says they're concerned for her safety and want to find her.

"If she needs help and is unable to ask for help either by fear of threats of intimidation, we need to find out if that's what's going on."

Sharon went to L.A. to search for answers on her own. She came home empty-handed.

"I kept stopping, pulling off, saying, I've gotta turn around and go back. I've gotta go back. Maybe I can go get a job and stay there for a while. And I just couldn't. I couldn't afford it, so I came home."

If you know the whereabouts of Satara Stratton, please call Los Angeles police. It's a toll-free call to their CrimeStoppers hotline: 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).