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ONLY ON 3: Mom of missing woman pleads for help

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(WRCB) – Satara Stratton left home for Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

She hasn't been seen since November and now, her mother fears she's caught up in drugs, possibly worse, against her will.

Los Angeles investigators originally listed 24-year-old Satara Stratton as 'voluntarily missing.' This week, they upgraded her case over concern for her safety.

Of course, so is her mother who says there's no way Satara would choose to cut ties.

"You're at a loss, you don't know where to go or where to turn," says Sharon Stratton, Satara's mother.

Sharon hasn't heard from her daughter in four months.

"Not a word," she says. "No text, no phone use at all."

Satara Stratton grew up in Chattanooga, dreaming of a film career.

"Yeah, she was a great kid, really great student," her mother says. "She graduated early."

At 18, she moved to Hollywood.

"She had goals and dreams," Sharon says. "She had hopes."

That was six years ago, but the two stayed close.

"She'd call me in the middle of the night just to ask me how to make a cupcake," Sharon says. "To not hearing anything, nothing at all, that's just not like her."

Sharon called Satara to tell her to come home, her grandmother's health was failing.

"She didn't make it here on time when her grandfather died, so she really wanted to see her grandmother," says Sharon.

That was November 22nd. No one's heard from Satara since.

"She had like, 600 friends on Facebook and I emailed all of them," Sharon says. "You know, just somebody, somebody please help me."
Sharon called Los Angeles Police.

"What they told me was there's too many missing, that they're underpaid, overworked, Schwarzenegger cut their budget," she says. "They just don't have time for this."

Sharon can't find the time for anything else. She's struggling with work.

"I can't help but go to the Facebook page, and go to the Internet and send out messages," she says. "And then I find it's four hours have passed and I haven't got my work done because I've got to find my daughter."

What's most terrifying for Sharon is that Satara had been stalked by a sex offender.

Sharon says the man told her he planned to push her daughter on to heroin and hold her hostage.

He was the last person known to see Satara alive and detectives can't find him, either.

Channel 3 will tell you more about him, and what detectives believe happened to Satara Stratton Friday night.

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