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Voting, at age 103: 'a right, a privilege, and no excuse not to exercise your duty'

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CHATTNOOGA, TN (WRCB) -- Even at age 3, growing up in Minnesota, Arthur Ittermann knew that voting not only is the right of freemen and women. But a duty, to honor those who died for it.

"Our fathers were willing to give up everything almost," he says. If we don't vote, why, we're throwing away the opportunity to stand up for the right."

It's why, 100 years later, he and his daughters would show up at the Brainerd Crossroads Precinct #6, Tuesday, to cast ballots, in the Republican primary for President, and other races?

"Have you ever missed an election, voting," his daughter, Gwen Lopez asks.

"Not that I know of," he responds, immediately.

His first election in his American Century came in the Great Depression, 1932.

America chose FDR over incumbent Herbert Hoover.

But Ittermann and his daughters are lifelong Republicans.

This election, they would vote alike.

"It was between who I thought could get elected and who I really really wanted, Lopez says.

They would chose the latter.

Without saying who that is, they tell us they tried to hear out all the candidates. Gauge their moral values; their approaches to our economy and America's massive debt.

"A lot of people don't care, and a lot of people don't follow the issues," Lopez says. "You ask them something, and they've never heard it!"

Have you always found somebody you like, to vote for," she asks her father.

"I think so," Ittermann replies.

He and his late life, Lilah, were together more than seventy years; through his more than half a century preaching the Gospel and teaching; some of it at Tennessee Temple Seminary.

Lilah was a Canadian citizen. But a year before she passed, she became an American.

And voted.

"When you have a chance to vote, do it," Ittermann says.

"When you don't have people standing up for the right--the evil is always ready to come in."

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