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Families dealing with pets missing from the storms

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CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WRCB) -- Many families are still coming to terms with what they lost during Friday's storms. Some of them are searching for family pets. McKamey Animal Care and Adoption Center took in 40 cats and dogs over the weekend, many lost from the storm.

McKamey offers a few tips to make sure you pet gets back home no matter where they are found. McKamey Executive Director Karen Walsh said, "the animals are terrified, so they're running, they can get hit by cars. There's a lot of terrible things that could happen when they are lost let alone lost in a storm."

One hundred plus mile per hour winds, downed lines, downed trees, and downed houses. It's enough to make any animal lose it's sense of direction.

Walsh says if you lost a pet during a storm - don't just check the animal shelter closest to home, "right animals don't have driver licenses they just run. So whatever animal shelters are within a 10 mile radius of home would be a good place to check if you're missing your pet."

McKamey took in almost four dozen animals this weekend. Walsh says it's hard to tell which ones are family pets. She says always put a collar on them, and it's a great idea to have a micro chip inserted.

"This is how we inject the chip, we all have these scanners. It scans the chip like this, and that number comes up, that's how we identify that number to your pet. It's very simple and it saves lives, and it gets your pet back home instead of us having to seek a new home for it."

When McKamey takes in a stray pet it's held for five days to be claimed, on the sixth day it's behavior is assessed, it's fixed and then ready to be adopted.

A process pet owners can avoid by simply chipping their pet, says Walsh, "we really hope that people take this as warning. There will still be more storms. Now is the time to get your animal identified and chipped so we can get it back to you."

You can get your pet chipped at McKamey for $25. Any vet can do it as well. Every vet and shelter across the nation will have a scanner to help identify your pet.

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