CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - The Tennessee Collegiate Bass Fishing Trail held its fourth qualifying event on Guntersville Lake in Scottsboro, AL. on March 3rd and fourth. There were thirty-seven teams representing eleven different colleges on hand to compete this weekend. The team of Joe Slagle and Matt Clay from Tennessee Tech University won the event with a two-day total of 42.15 lbs.

Second place went to the team of Taylor Bolton and Parker Bacon from University of Tennessee, Chattanooga with a two-day total of 40.20 lbs.

Finishing in third place was the team of Cody Snyder and Greg Worsham who were also from the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga with a two-day total of 38.64 lbs. They also had big fish of the tournament with a giant largemouth bass weighing 8.25 lbs.

"Without our team's sponsors these events would not be possible," UTC Mocs Bass Club President James Childers says."I would like to thank MoonPie, Coca-Cola, Joe Burns Custom Rods, Choo Choo Lures, Yank-Um custom tackle, Trixster Bait Company, Wackem Crazy Baits, J. P. Jigs and Rigs, and for all their help and support."

Complete Results:  

1st Tennessee Tech University Joe Slagle Matt Clay 42.15 lbs.
2nd University of Tennessee, Chattanooga Taylor Bolton  Parker Bacon 40.2 lbs.
3rd University of Tennessee, Chattanooga Cody Snyder Greg Worsham 38.64 lbs.
4th Young Harris Brad Rutherford Chandler White 34.53 lbs.
5th University of Tennessee, Chattanooga Trent Huie Ryan Houston 34.39 lbs.
6th University of Tennessee, Knoxville Hunter Shults David Lambert 33.92 lbs.
7th Calhoun Community College Joey Ford Chris Bradford 31.39 lbs.
8th North West Shoals Community College David Allen Micah Crunk 30.17 lbs.
9th Middle Tennessee State University Nolen Spencer Alex Martin 29.56 lbs.
10th Tennessee Tech University Andy Vanderwall Cliff Dye 29.45 lbs.
11th Tennessee Tech University Bryson Dalton Joe Ellis 25.83 lbs.
12th University of Tennessee, Chattanooga Lance Geren Caleb Clements 24.11 lbs.
13th Tennessee Tech University Seth Davis Ryan Maddux 21.42 lbs.
14th Tennessee Tech University Brent White Kenny Zainal 21.12 lbs.
15th Tennessee Tech University Ryan Harpe Chris Thomas 20.48 lbs.
16th University of Tennessee, Chattanooga Jordan Stake Colby Ownbey 19.42 lbs.
17th Cleveland State Community College Tannor Cook Mitchell Clark 18.29 lbs.
18th University of Tennessee, Knoxville Tery Parsley John Svancaner 16.18 lbs.
19th Tennessee Tech University Matthew Townson Will Stansell 14.43 lbs.
20th Kennesaw State University Nicholas Friedrich Walker Jardine 12.34 lbs.
21st North West Shoals Community College  Lance Carrie Cameron Cautney 11.89 lbs.
22nd Middle Tennessee State University Tyler Barnes   11.18 lbs.
23rd Calhoun Community College Wesley Whorton Jacob McCutcheon 11.02 lbs.
24th Tennessee Tech University Zach Porter Jordan Hodges 10.65 lbs.
25th University of Tennessee, Chattanooga Ryan Cunningham Jordon Hawkersmith 9.15 lbs.
26th North West Shoals Community College Clay Mckinney Andrew Putnam 7.69 lbs.
27th Kennesaw State University Greg Childers Austin King 7.51 lbs.
28th University of Tennessee, Chattanooga Jimmy Reynolds Dan Geren 7.11 lbs.
29th Tennessee Tech University Spencer Perrin Austin Jackson 6.99 lbs.
30th University of Tennessee, Chattanooga Adam Spicer Sam Batts 4.44 lbs.
31st Birmingham Southern College Timothy Trockenbrot Matt Oliver 4.27 lbs.
32nd Cleveland State Community College Logan Swafford Mickey Bates 4 lbs.
33rd Tennessee Wesleyan College John Higdon Sahadut Mughal 0 lbs.
34th Tennessee Tech University Matt Allen Zach Youngblood 0 lbs.
35th Calhoun Community College Lealond Johnson James Osmer 0 lbs.
36th Calhoun Community College Cameron Trousdale Sage Norris 0 lbs.
37th Calhoun Community College Seth Jones Trevor Millee 0 lbs.