HARRISON, TN (WRCB)-- The EF-3 tornado that ripped through Harrison and Ooltewah left hundreds with damaged or destroyed homes. The obstacle is greater for some, who've been dealt this hand before.

There's a tremendous amount of cleanup ahead for homeowners hit by the Harrison and Ooltewah tornado, but for some, more than others. A few people are dealing with a tornado destroying their homes for a second time this year.

Just weeks after finally rebuilding from last year's tornado, this home was flattened yet again. Still, the homeowner told Channel 3 off camera, she's "blessed" because of the support of her neighbors. That attitude seems to be showing up at house after house on Davis Mill Circle.

"It's just been an outpouring of God's love is all I can say," storm victim Curtis Yancey said.

Curtis Yancey's home is also a total loss.

"Nothing I can tell you to describe how we felt. When it hits home, that's where the rubber meets the road," Yancey said.

Yet, in the days following the destructive hit, he and many others here say they've never felt more thankful.

"We're just so thankful people are willing to help," Yancey said.

"Everything else can be replaced. Our lives can't and all these people showing up with food and water and help, they really make you feel great," storm victim Renee Brown said.

It's a shocking response to such tragedy to Dan Swope. He just moved here a few months ago from Kansas City.

"I just can't believe the amount of people here and the outreach. Everybody here is just fantastic. The friendliest people I've ever met," storm victim Dan Swope said.

He says there's resilience and compassion here that's unmatched.

"I'm so glad to be here now. I'm glad to be a part of this community," Swope said.

"These people have got one of the biggest hearts of anywhere else in this country. They step up to the plate when things happen like this," Yancey said.

Many of the homeowners on Davis Mill Circle say they're waiting for their insurance companies to come out and assess the damage. The roads that lead there just re-opened Monday, so they're hoping that ball gets rolling soon.