HARRISON, TN (WRCB) - Friends and neighbors are joining groups like the Salvation army and others to help people all over Harrison and Ooltewah. Food and clean-up supplies are the big needs right now.

The Hamilton County storm recovery home base has moved from Ooltewah High School now to Camp Joy on Hunter Road in Harrison. It's where teams of volunteers are loading up and heading out to those effected areas. Channel 3 tagged along with some of them and went deeper into the devastation where many people haven't seen.

"I looked that way and the tornado was right there," Gabriel Eason said.

Gabriel and Bonnie Eason live toward the end of Davis Mill Road, where we're getting a first look.

"Within seconds I mean we just felt like we were going to be lifted out of the house. Our ears were popping. We could feel the foundation shift," Bonnie and Gabriel Eason said.

As one of the few home at the time, they feared the worst.

"I was thinking this is it. We're dead," Gabriel Eason said.

They were holding on to their four year old with all their might as their roof flew off and a massive tree dove straight for them.

"Oh God, please don't let our baby be taken," Bonnie Eason said.

Across the street, Tiffany Fox also counts her blessings. She'd stepped out to the store when the tornado took much of her home with it.

"I could see my kitchen from up on the hill," Tiffany Fox said.

Also hit by last April's tornado, there's now a message written on her now destroyed home reads "grace was here again."

"There's just no words," Fox said.

Volunteer teams from Lowe's were out with the Salvation Army handing out water, supplies and something neighbors agree is more valuable.

"I think they see the community really reach out, it's encouragement in a time that's very discouraging," Lowe's volunteer coordinator Sean Cannon said.

It's discouragement mixed with thankfulness.

"The house is not what matters right now. The fact is that my husband, my four year old and I made it through without a scratch and I didn't lose anybody," Bonnie Eason said.

With hundreds of homes effected in the Harrison and Ooltewah areas, a lot of people want to help out. Officials just ask that you come to the Camp Joy command post because many of the roads are still closed because of downed trees and power lines.