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Nearly 90 homes damaged in Bradley Co., clean up begins

BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- The destruction is widespread, and some residents are dealing with total devastation after Friday's strong storms swept through the Tennessee Valley. One area hit hard is Bradley County.

We are told 87 homes are affected. Six of them were destroyed and 13 have major damage.

The latest numbers show more than $2 million worth of damage to homes and property in Bradley County. Amazingly only two people were treated for injuries and released from the hospital.

Saturday, the focus was and will continue to be on cleaning up the mess left behind.

The sadness and shock of Friday's storm damage in Cleveland is being channeled into cleaning up the devastation.

It is a time for neighbor helping neighbor, lending a hand, lending a prayer.

"It got rained on last night. The ceiling's are in the floor."

"I said, 'Uh oh, we're in trouble.' Then it 'Banged!'"

The brick home on the corner lot on Ozark Street belongs to 76-year-old Blaine Lawson, better known as 'Peanut' to friends and family.

His home of 50 years, where he and his wife raised two daughters, a disaster zone.

He and his wife were inside as the unforgiving winds ripped the roof off their house.

"The Lord just took care of us. Because it didn't fall in on us," says Lawson.

They survived.

"No sir, we don't have no scratches at all," he says.

"God really took care of them and we're thankful for that. Thankfully for all of it, that everybody's ok," says Lawson's neighbor, Joyce Baker.

Now friends, family and strangers are trying to sift through what is left.

"Just people walking in, driving in from who knows where. Church volunteers, neighbors volunteering," says family member Gary Gunter.

"It's a long process. We're just getting back in the swing of things at our house," says Victoria Snowman.

Victoria is one of those volunteers. Her home was hit last April.

"When it happened to me, there were people, so many strangers that came out and helped us. I was absolutely overwhelmed."

It is a feeling Peanut can now relate to.

"It's great. You don't know how many friends and people likes to help you until something like this happens," says Lawson.

Bradley County has lifted its burn ban in the county for people to burn limbs and debris on private property.

In the city of Cleveland, residents are asked to separate brush from storm debris and place it by the curb and city crews will pick up as soon as possible.

Bradley Baptist Association is helping tarp and clean up homes. Those needing assistance should call 423-476-5493.

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