ROSSVILLE, GA (WRCB) -- A family in need can now get in and out of their house, much easier. That's because a local group built a ramp for them today, free of charge. The Modern Woodmen of America are back at it again.

And why not? It's 70 degrees in March, perfect weather to build and donate more wheel chair ramps to the elderly.

"Oh yeah! it's as easy as pie," yelled Kenneth Mayhugh as he rode up his new wheelchair ramp.

Easy as pie, Mayhugh can testify, you're never too old to feel freedom, "you sure get tired of laying around the house all day. It gives me more freedom, I can do whatever I want to do just about."

Thanks to the Modern Woodmen of America, a life insurance group that gives millions back to the community each year across the U.S.

In our neck of the woods building wheelchair ramps has caught on. Shane Chelett and his group built almost two dozen last year. This was their first of 2012.

Chelet said, "sometimes people are less fortunate, we're able to provide that fund for them. They're really amazed that someone is willing to come out and do this. I think they're really happy."

It was Kenneth's wife Syble who got the ball rolling here, unfortunately she is in the hospital recovering from a fall. Syle is also in a wheel chair.

Kenneth can't wait until she's home to try out the new ramp, he's hoping he'll be able to keep up with her, "she'll love it, she'll love it. Yeah, she'll ride this thing all over the neighborhood."

The Modern Woodmen started demolition around 8a.m. by lunchtime Kenneth was already giving his approval, "it worked fine, it worked great," and planning his next trip around the neighborhood, as his stepdaughter Cindy just sat back and smiled.

Cindy said, "I hope it's not too soon that they have to come build another one because they get so much use out of it. but it's greatly appreciated."

Ken's wife is expected home in just a few weeks from the hospital. If you know anyone who is in need of a ramp to make life easier, you can always contact the Modern Woodmen of America.