CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB)-- It's been rough going for thousands of Chattanooga-area families the last several months when it comes to keeping food on the table. Angel Food Ministries, a program that offered low-cost food to families in need for decades, closed last fall. But, there is a newly formed program giving those people the help they need.

Thousands of people in our area don't qualify for programs like food stamps or those that give out free food, but still struggle to get by. That's where One Harvest comes in. You don't have to qualify based on income. It's low-cost food for anyone who can't afford the grocery store.

88-year-old Rachel Yarbrough has two full freezers Monday, but it hasn't looked like this in a while. On a fixed income, she depended on the Angel Food Ministry for years. When it closed up, she didn't know what to do.

"I think I was in a state of shock," Rachel Yarbrough said.

She was one of many to call Carpenter's Cowboy Church in tears.

"They were just so torn up. They were on fixed incomes and just couldn't afford to go to the grocery store," One Harvest Executive Director Kathy Barnett said.

A former Angel Food client herself, Kathy Barnett started looking for ways to replace the ministry that served around 2,000 Chattanooga families.

"That's when I went to pastor and said we got to do something. My freezers are bare," Barnett said.

"The whole thing is the need. People are hungry," Carpenter's Cowboy Church Senior Pastor Eugene Coleman said.

So now the church is partnering with the One Harvest ministry, selling boxes of food to people like Rachel Yarbrough at a low cost.

"I put it in my freezer and I had to stop and look at everything I got and I thought how nice. How nice," Yarbrough said.

The first delivery was this weekend to around 35 people.

"All of it is going to help me out a whole lot," Yarbrough said.

They're hoping that will get a lot more churches on board.

"People are here every day, literally every day, needing some form of help," Barnett said.

The church is working with the state to be able to accept food stamps in the near future.

The money to buy the One Harvest boxes of food comes from church donations. If you'd like to help, or want to know how to sign up to order a box for yourself you can call (423)867-4232, go to or stop by Carpenter's Cowboy Church at 3616 Rossville Blvd. In Chattanooga.

The next deadline to order a box in March 16. They will be delivered March 24 at the church at 12 p.m.

Prices for the food boxes range from $27 to $46.