(WRCB) -- Roger Webb knows that many guests rent by the week at the Holiday Motel on South Lee Highway in Cleveland.

He delivers their pizzas.

"I ain't never had no problems over here," he says.

That changed Sunday, after what members of the 10th Judicial District Drug Task Force say a "concerned party" led them to in Room 102.

"It was decently sized," Task Force Director Steve Lawson says. "It was big for a motel room."

"It was stupid," Webb says.

It was what law officers refer to as a 'shake and bake' meth lab; Sudafed, and dangerous common household chemicals mixed in a bottle and allowed to percolate.

"It wasn't in progress at the time we entered the room," Lawson says. "However, there was some finished product."

"They could have hurt a lot of people," Webb says.

Those listed on the guest register weren't present when task force members inspected the room.

Warrants are out to arrest Jessica C. Freeman, 32, and Jason David Goode, 27, on charges of initiating the manufacture of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

"I had not seen her (Freeman) before she rented the room Sunday," Holiday Motel owner Suresh Mistry says.

Mistry does not want to appear on camera, but he's distressed that the task force not only evacuated the seven rooms closest to Room 102; but quarantined all 11 rooms on that wing.

"Each unit ventilates with its own unit for heating and air," Mistry says. "Everything should be protected and fine."

"I sure wouldn't want to have my family in a motel room that might have meth around," Lawson says. "When you have occupants in these rooms, and you still can get the fumes from the meth lab into another room all the way down, it's our responsibility to quarantine."

Mistry must hire an inspector from an approved list, Lawson says. The inspector will take air samples. Lab tests must come up clean in order for the quarantined rooms to be certified for re-occupancy.

Webb feels for Mistry.

"He's losing money," Webb says.

But he knows only too well the desperate measures that meth users and makers will take, to secure their fix and their profits.

"My stepson can't come in my house anymore," he says. "I've got too much stuff I've worked too hard to get. I don't want it stolen."

Channel 3 spoke to several of the Holiday's weekly renters. None wanted to go on camera. All tell us they're staying put.

But Webb isn't expecting to deliver as many pizzas.

"If the place is quarantined like that, they ain't gonna rent nothing in there," he says.