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Trenton family loses home to fire after rebuilding from tornado

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TRENTON, DADE COUNTY (WRCB)-- A Dade County family has found itself homeless once again. Their Trenton home suffered major damage from the April tornadoes. And just when they had finished rebuilding, their home went up in flames Thursday night.

It's a very sad situation for a family that's already overcome so much. Everything they owned is now just a pile of ashes. The Wooten family didn't want to go on camera because they're still so shaken up.

The man of the house says he's just glad to be alive. The scene Thursday evening showed flames ripping through the family's Workman Drive home.

In the light of day you can see that none of their belongings were spared.

Next door neighbor and close friend, Sheriff Patrick Cannon, looks at the damage, remembering the call he got the night before saying his friend was trapped inside.

"Heart stops," Sheriff Cannon says. "You don't know what's going to happen next."

The man of the house says he was working on his tractor in the garage, when fuel from the tractor sparked the hot water heater and threw him against the wall in an explosion.

He escaped with only burns to his arm. His wife and son weren't home at the time.

"He's fortunate to be here," Cannon says. "He's fortunate to be here."

Sheriff Cannon says it's hard to believe this family was hit with tragedy yet again. He says they had to rebuild a large part of the house that was destroyed by the April tornadoes. A path of broken trees still surround it.

"They just got back on track from the tornadoes, getting something back to normal, and now they're facing this," he says. "They lost everything."

A neighbor is letting the family stay at their house for now. With nothing left, they're hoping the community will help them back on their feet.

"This is a time of need," the Sheriff says. "We need folks that will help with their immediate needs."

"They need furniture," he adds. "They need clothes."

Cannon says this is a family that has always been willing to lend a helping hand to their neighbors in need.

The Wooten family does have insurance, but say they went through a lot of struggles with the company to rebuild after the tornado.

The Dade County Sheriff's Office is collecting donations for the family in the form of money or any necessities like clothes, food, and furniture.

To learn more, call the Sheriff's Office at (706) 657-4112.


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