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Large food donation stocks shelves at "House that Love Built"

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- For more than 20 years, the Ronald McDonald house has helped families whose children are sick. But their kindness wouldn't be possible, if it weren't for big donations like the one made Thursday.

The "House that Love Built" received more than $700 worth of locally grown food.

One family tells Channel 3 they'll be forever thankful for the latest donation, and all the house is doing for them.

"I'm hoping that someday we can give back for all that they've done," Mark Hunley says. "It brought a tear to my eye when I found out how much they were donating, and how much it means to these families."

Mark and Wanda Hunley's son was born almost four months pre-mature in August with chronic lung disease.

They brought him home January 11, but that was short lived.

He quickly developed a potentially deadly respiratory virus. Now daily trips from Chickamauga to Erlanger cost the family more than $200 a week.

Mark says, "Between our history of struggling with him in hospitals then and now, it's such a load off mine and her mind. Just to actually be here, the stress level is non-existent compared to what it used to be."

The Hunley's are just two of the 26 families fed daily at the Ronald McDonald house across the street from Erlanger.

A luxury, Ronald McDonald Spokesperson Chinyre Ubamadu says, wouldn't be possible without donations like Thursday's from Tennessee Farm Bureau.

"We have volunteers that cook for us; they cook for about 50 folks," he says. "Today's donation will help us serve these families so they don't have to worry about food. They can just help their children recover."

As hard as it is seeing their five-month-old son motionless on a hospital bed, they're now just a walk across the street away, with daily meals and a bed to sleep in while little Mark Anthony Hunley Jr. recuperates.

The Hunley's say it's great knowing there's still good out there.

"Glad to know we live in such a caring city, where people take time to do things like this for other people," Mark says.

The Ronald McDonald House in Chattanooga feeds 600 families a year.

Families are asked to donate $10 in return. The charity receive weekly donations from schools, churches and businesses. 

If you would like to donate, click here and follow the instructions.

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