RINGGOLD, GA (WRCB) -- Nearly one year after devastating tornadoes ripped through the southeast, the cleanup efforts continue for the City of Ringgold. 

Although much has been done to cleanup and restore Ringgold, much of  the city creek is still thick with debris–mainly fallen trees. 

Mayor Joe Barger and the Ringgold City Council have been working to gain funding and permits to start the creek cleaning process.  They finally were able to start the cleanup process on February 13 of this year.  City crews have since began the cleanup of the creek.

"I'm excited about starting the cleanup.  I like working outside and helping people," said Parks and Recreation Director Stephen Middlebrooks, who is heading up the efforts. "This project is very much needed to reduce the potential for flooding and to return the creek banks to the way they were before the tornado–of course without as many of the trees."  

Along with city workers, the Georgia Department of Corrections is also providing a chain saw crew to assist in cutting and moving trees and brush. 

Georgia Department of Corrections Commissioner Brian Owens, along with Legislative Liaison Bob Plemons, has been on site and recognized the need to provide assistance.