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3 On Your Side: Viewers help Cleveland storm victim

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CLEVELAND, BRADLEY COUNTY (WRCB)  --  "I'm not one to beg for help," says Alice Maroon. The 86-year-old Cleveland widow didn't have to beg but she did plan to sell nearly everything she owned just to make ends meet.

April's storms left her needing a new roof. Insurance paid for part of it right away but when she tried to have another section fixed in February that's when her insurance company dropped her. To go with a new insurance company she had to get the roof fixed first.

"I had to go to the bank and borrow money that'll pay for this," Maroon says.  

Her story and $7,000 debt immediately caught the attention of Connie Wright with the Cleveland District of the United Methodist Church Disaster Relief.

"I immediately said oh my goodness this can't happen. We have to help this lady," Wright says.  

Through donations to the Cleveland District, Wright says they will pay for $3,000 towards Maroon's new roof. However, the work isn't over yet. Wright says she's enlisting help from the Bradley County Long Term Recovery Organization and Cleveland's chapter of the Salvation Army.

"We're all going to be meeting and seeing if we can't go ahead and get this covered and get her roof totally done," says Wright.  

"I think maybe the good Lord, put her in my life. She'll be blessed for it," says Maroon. "I appreciate all that her and the rest of them do to help me because I sure don't have anybody else to help me."  

"She's not going to lose her house, she's going to be able to keep her home and we're gonna be helping her," Wright says.


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