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Jefferson Award Honoree: Dorothy Williamson

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Dorothy Williamson is an oncology nurse by profession, but this woman, whose career is all about helping people, also helps people when she's away from work. 

She has been with Chattanooga Oncology for nearly two decades and has inspired her coworkers to follow in her footsteps going the extra mile. 

Nurse Michelle Stewart nominated Dorothy for the Jefferson Award. 

Stewart says Dorothy, "has a heart for people. She helps us see things we wouldn't normally see. She teaches us not only to be good nurses, but to be good human beings."

No one knows how Dorothy manages to do all that she does, after long days at the clinic. 

The acts of kindness Dorothy bestows include taking elderly and ill people to the doctor; buying their groceries, taking them meals, and checking in on them. 

She seems to have a keen ability to know who may need her and she takes action.

The staff members at Chattanooga Oncology say Dorothy is always keenly aware when a patient needs extra TLC, and she spearheads the efforts to help. Sometimes it's simply a birthday party for a cancer patient, other times it's raising money to help a patient pay the rent.

Patients rave about Dorothy. She makes a very unpleasant treatment go by much faster. While she administers chemo, she is spreading love and a positive attitude that are infectious throughout the clinic.

Patient Andy Curry says Dorothy is phenomenal. 

He says, "I don't know how she does it, but she has a superb attitude, always gives you a hug and kiss."

Curry says when she's there he can't help but feel better. Her laughter is an instant boost. 

Dorothy is also keenly aware of the struggles her patients face. Of course it's not all laughter. She and her coworkers provide shoulders to cry on if needed.

Dorothy volunteers for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, but most of what she does is off the radar. 

Michelle Stewart says, "She goes away from the limelight.  She does not seek recognition at all. Dorothy's one of those people who loves people where they are."

While Dorothy tries to stay away from the limelight, Michelle is delighted her nominee is being recognized. 

Stewart says, "There will never be a building named after Dorothy, but what you all are doing with the Jefferson  Award is such a special thing for her. I'm really proud of that."

Channel 3 is pleased to be a part of the Jefferson Award program, and would like to congratulate Dorothy for this wonderful achievement. 

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