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Cleveland widow dropped by insurance: needs new roof

CLEVELAND, TN. (WRCB) -- For the past couple of weeks roofer Dewayne Stamey and his crew have been making repairs to Alice Maroon's roof. It was damaged in the April storms but now the 86-year-old homeowner, who lives on a fixed income, is having to pay out of pocket.

"Well, I had to go and borrow money on my car," Maroon says. "Its costing me $7,000."

"Its a sad situation," says Stamey.  

Maroon says she was dropped by Nationwide Insurance at the beginning of the month. "They say I had too many claims," Maroon says.

Channel 3 contacted Nationwide. They say Maroon had made two claims, the largest a $5,000 roof claim in 2009 which they say was not used to repair her roof. Maroon says the money was used to fix the roof over her garage and office. Its not even connected to her house.

"I think what they're doing is putting me in a hard place," says Maroon.  

"Nationwide is on her side, forget that," Stamey says. Although he can't afford to do the work for free, Stamey says he's going to make sure she gets a new roof one way or another. "I've worked on approximately 30 roofs during the storms and this is the worst case," Stamey says.  

Maroon's husband of 46 years died a couple years ago. Now her biggest fear is being left alone with no money and no help. "There's nobody," she says. "I don't want to lose my home because I've got too many memories here."

"Her ex insurance company needs to step up to the plate and do the right thing," says Stamey.  

Maroon lives on her social security check and $16 a month in food stamps. Needless to say money is tight and taking out a loan for $7,000 has only made things worse. "I can't afford to be in debt," says Maroon.

She says she has begun selling her personal items to begin paying back her debt.  

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