ROSSVILLE, WALKER COUNTY (WRCB) - Some people will do just about anything for money like, rob a store on a busy street, in prime time, at gunpoint.

"It's generally not that they owe people money," explained Chattanooga Police Officer Nathan Hartwig, "it's normally just to feed a drug habit."

This one happened along the main drag in Rossville at the Family Dollar store on Chickamauga Avenue. It was Monday evening, January 23rd around 8:15 when the thug entered the store. While he may have done a little shopping, that definitely was not his primary objective. As a matter of fact, it a ruse. When he took his items to the cashier, the trouble began. "When she rang him up," said Officer Hartwig, "he pulled out a gun and then tucked it under his arm and made the comment, 'Do we have an understanding?' Well, she had the understanding and realized she was being robbed."

The clerk emptied the drawer. The bad guy's "understanding" complete, he ran away, back toward Tennessee. Have a close look at the surveillance video and still pictures. Our criminal seems to be around 5'8", 200 lbs. to 220 lbs., or so. On this night, he is wearing a dark colored toboggan and coat with blue jeans. "The pictures are pretty good and that's why, you know, I think that if he is from the area, someone's gonna be able to recognize him," Hartwig said.

Certainly in these cases, there is a monetary loss to the businesses, but there is also a personal loss; the loss of a sense of security and well-being, especially when there is a gun involved. "I don't think these suspects understand the trauma that they put these clerks through," added Hartwig. "Just the fear that they have going home and living out their life. It's very traumatic for them."

And remember, if this crook is supporting a drug habit, this likely was not his first hold up and will not be his last. Get him off the street before he can strike again. If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers. The number is 698--3333. Up to a thousand dollars is waiting for you if you provide the right tip. And as always, it is a confidential call.