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Hamilton County offering free photo upgrades on state ID's

HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Hamilton County Clerk Bill Knowles stated Monday that less than a month remains for county residents wishing to upgrade their non-photo driver's license free in the County Clerk's Courthouse office.

The Clerk's office began offering the free upgrades on October 17, 2011 under Department of Safety guidelines.

"The following State criteria regulates the free issuance: you must be a registered voter in Tennessee, already have a non-photo driver license issued by the State of Tennessee, need no changes to the information on their current non-photo driver license, and do not have any other form of Federal or State photo ID approved for voting purposes," Knowles said.

"We have been pleased to offer this extra dimension of service to help voters prepare for the new voter ID law," Knowles added. "After the March deadline our office can still add a photo to the non-photo license, but it will cost $23.50 if renewing an expiring license, or $12.00 in most cases to add a photo to a valid license."

The State office requires the free service to terminate on March 12.

For additional information, Knowles invited citizens to contact his office at (423) 209-6507.

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