CLEVELAND, TN (WRCB) -- Ask any resident in the Blue Springs community and they'll tell you storm clean up is slow.

"Every time you look out its a reminder, when the wind blows its a reminder, we'll probably never get over it," says homeowner, Kenneth Price.  

He took six months to rebuild his home but added something new, a privacy fence. "Because of this mess next door," Price says.

The home behind his property still has a giant tree sitting on and through the roof. "I've talked to everyone I can in the county and they tell me nothing can be done," says Price.  

While that mess may have to sit there awhile that's not the case for the pile of debris down the road.

"I can imagine its just been difficult for them to walk out everyday and see the trees down, the debris, the large stumps," says Laura Mountain.

Mountain, a counselor with the Tennessee Recovery Project, took it upon herself to rally volunteers to help clean up the area. She calls it Cleveland Cleanup.

When home owners don't have thousands of dollars to hire someone to do the job Mountain and her crew step in. This time its for the Smith family who lost their 33-year-old daughter when the tornado hit.

"Its a nightmare that I think I'm going to wake up from and I never wake up from it," says Sadie Smith. For her, the debris pile in her backyard is a constant reminder of their tragic loss. "Thank you is not enough really for what these people are doing," says Smith.  

One tree and one debris pile at a time, Mountain says she's focused on getting life back to normal for storm victims, no matter how long it takes. "Its emotionally hard," Mountain says.   

"We're still not over it," says Price.

Volunteers with Cleveland Cleanup are meeting at Gentry Ln. Saturday morning to begin cleaning. If you'd like to help you can contact Laura Mountain at