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Audit reveals violations by City Parks & Recreation

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- A city-owned tennis club will be making some changes, after an audit reveals violations.

The changes relate to a contract with tennis professional Orlando Lourenco, who manages the Champion's Club.

A city audit showed Lourenco was using city property to give private tennis lessons and pocketing the money.

The arrangement was permitted in a contract written 11 years ago, but the contract ran out.

Parks and Recreation officials briefed city council members on upcoming provisions to avoid a similar situation.

"We definitely want to agree to that and follow that procedure," Parks and Recreation Administrator Larry Zehnder says. "It's just a matter that we need to know the rules."

"We've been told the rules and we'll follow them from now on," he adds.

Zehnder plans to redistribute responsibilities, and assign a parks and recreation employee to make sure all contracts are written correctly.

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